The lesson plan Silver makes sure the kids get all the basics of the groundstrokes, the volley and the serve and return. The tactics of the sport are introduced at a very basic level.
At the end of the 
NRGGUIDE RED PROGRAM Silver they will be able to play with each other in the full red court from baseline to baseline. The kids are ready to start the NRGGUIDE RED PROGRAM Gold.

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24 Lessons

Each lesson stands for one week of training.
Every lesson is explained with detailed videos and vivid pictures
– easy to follow step by step.

24/7 Access

The exercise sessions are accessable 24h a day – everything on your smartphone or tablet at any time on the go.

ContinuaLly New Content

The training videos are constantly renewed and updated by our team.

Introduction to Progressive Tennis

The training begins with the RED Program and is divided into three progressive skill levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Each level will be finished with a test and each passed test will be rewarded with a diploma and a medal. The same structure is continued throughout the ORANGE program and the players will be introduced to the GRREN program to complete the third stage.

It takes five to six years for a player of average skill level to go through all three stages of the program and learn the skills with a holistic approach (technical, tactical, physical, psychological), while simultaneously ensuring the kids learn the sport with lots of fun.

The Cours is for you if you are


Professional Tennis Instructor


Mother or father of a newcommer or future tennis profi


Volunteer tennis instructor


Interested in giving tennis lessons