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Join the NRGTENNIS revolution and supplement your kids tennis program with a game changing lesson plan. 100’s of exercises sorted into wholistic and progressive trainings that help you progress your kids successfully through the Red ball, Orange ball, and Green ball programs. We take care of the lesson planning and exercises so you can spend more time focusing on whats important – THE KIDS

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RED Bundle Programs


The lesson plan Bronze makes it easy to have a structure when getting a group of kids started in tennis. At the end of the NRGGUIDE RED PROGRAM Bronze they will be able to play with each other in a micro court and be ready to start the NRGGUIDE RED PROGRAM Silver.


The lesson plan Silver makes sure the kids get all the basics of the groundstrokes, the volley and the serve and return. The tactics of the sport are introduced at a very basic level. At the end of the NRGGUIDE RED PROGRAM Silver they will be able to play with each other in the full red court from baseline to baseline. The kids are ready to start the NRGGUIDE RED PROGRAM Gold.


The lesson plan Gold is all about consistency and precision. The tactics of the sport are further developed and the understanding of the net game is one of the focuses of the NRGGUIDE RED PROGRAM Gold. Serve and groundstrokes are further developed to prepared the kids to play in the NRGGUIDE ORANGE PROGRAM.


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Successful Clients

In my more than 40 years of experience I have never seen a better and well thought out kids and youth concept. The NRGTENNIS concept will give all serious coaches, working with kids and youth, the perfect guidelines.

Wolfram Schmidle

Head Coach, Tennisclub Singen, Germany

NRGTENNIS has an outstanding concept that is feasible and really works on court. The kids are motivated, have fun and learn a lot. With the NRGGUIDE program the coaches have the perfect tool to be prepared for each lesson.

Darek Kuligowski

Head Coach, TK Blau-Weiss Aachen, Germany

The NRGGUIDE RED and ORANGE Program has proven to be  invaluable for parents like me, looking to personnally teach their children tennis. With the assurance of a well-structured curriculum, my kids are learning tennis in a highly organized and effective manner, ensuring their success on the court.

Parent, Eynatten Belgium

I have now used the NRGGUIDE RED Program for 30 lessons and I’m so excited. Methodically brilliant, lots of variety and no more preparation stress. I started with 19 kids and none of them has quit. They have so much fun and some of them have already signed up for the summer training.

Tomorrow I’m going to teach three lessons of NNNNNRRRRRRGGGG again. I can’t wait!!

Clemens Denkinger

Chairman of Juniors and Kids, TC Konolfingen, Switzerland

NRGTENNIS is awesome.

The concept ist outstanding, one of a kind, innovative and passionate.

Marc-Kevin Goellner

Head Coach and Owner, MKG Tennis Academy, Germany